Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Going Simple with Inside-Out Burgers

So Eric got the idea to make hamburgers with all the cheese and bacon and yummy stuff on the inside. He tried it while I was at my Monday night meeting a couple weeks ago so, sadly, I missed out. We had another go with them last night and I was so excited. I tried to stretch one pound of beef into five burgers, and they turned out well, but they were a bit to small for their buns. Next time I'll used two pounds and make them a bit bigger. I had bacon, blue cheese and grilled onions in mine. (Had HUGE flavor!) I was going to have jalapenos on mine as well, but since Eric wasn't having any, I chose to skip them. I wanted him to spend time with me after dinner, and that's easier to do if you both have dragon breath. Either way, I was so psyched! It was truly one of the best burgers I'd had in a very long time. I think that the organic ground beef had a lot to do with that. There is such a huge flavor difference between vacuum-sealed organic beef and the stretch-wrapped hormone-filled beef that you buy in the little foam trays. The organic beef usually costs about twice as much, but for something like burgers, the extra expense is SO worth it. We like our burgers medium to well done and with the organic beef, they still turn out juicy and tasty. I think these tasty morsels are going to find their way into our regular rotation of recipes. Definitely worth the extra time and effort.

There really isn't a recipe for these, but I'll tell you how we put them together. Divide your ground meat up into as many portions as you plan on making. Divide each portion in half and press the meat thin to make two patties. Condiments such as mayo, ketchup and mustard still go on the bun, the cheese, bacon, onions, peppers, etc. go between the patties. Place your favorite burger toppings on the first patty and  top it with the second patty. Cook the patties as you would a regular burger. They are so yummy. StumbleUpon

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