Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mashed Turnips Are Amazing! And So Are Sweet Potato Chips

I don't think that I had ever tasted a turnip before tonight and they have just become my new favorite root vegetable. We have been steering clear of potatoes since going primal and I've missed them a bit. I was told that mashed turnips are a good substitute, so I thought I'd try them. I was also told that they don't taste like potatoes and to be prepared for them to be a little sweet. I'm not sure what I expected them to taste like, but they were awesome. I peeled them, chopped them and boiled them for about 20-25 minutes. Then (technically Eric did this) buzzed them in the food processor, added some butter, cream and salt and pepper. They were heavenly. Turnips have made their way onto my regular shopping list from now on. I served them with steamed asparagus and stuffed chicken breasts.

This weekend, we also tried sweet potato chips. Eric was wanting some nachos, but we don't eat corn so tortilla chips were out. After doing some searching online, he found that some primal folks like nachos made with pork rinds. So I ran to the store, bought some along with the sweet potato chips (cause I was hungry and they sounded tasty) and brought it all home.

We almost gagged on the pork rinds. How can people eat those things? They're awful! They tasted like deep-fried, smelly feet. Eric said that they must be an acquired taste. You know, like cheap, nasty beer, Didgeridoo music or reality TV.

I already knew the chips were good because I ate half the bag on the way home. Note to self: don't skip lunch and then go to the grocery store. The kids ate the other half of the bag, so when it came time to make dinner, I had to go get more. Joshua was sent with me this time to make sure I didn't eat all the chips before I got home. He wouldn't even let me touch the bags of chips. It made me laugh. He was taking his job so seriously. We used the sweet potato chips for the base of our nachos, the meat from our stuffed peppers recipe and topped it all with sharp cheddar cheese, Daisy sour cream and homemade salsa and guacamole. They were so incredibly good. So glad to know that nachos are no longer off limits, just not an every week meal.

One last note: I'm very excited that my kids have been eating veggies willingly. Six months ago, I could hardly get them to choke down a few baby carrots and now they don't whine. I woke up this morning to find both my boys eating big plates of spinach salad. They said that we ran out of fruit so they decided to eat veggies instead. And not a single one of the kids complained about eating their turnips tonight, even though they'd never tried them before. I'm so proud of them! StumbleUpon

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