Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Boy, Am I A Slacker!

I haven't posted anything in over a week. Certainly not because I have been at a loss as to what I should post. I simply haven't found the time. So here's a simple one, since I have about two minutes to post it before my kids find me again.

My husband loves s'mores. I'm talking L-O-V-E loves them. And we have worked out the perfect way to make a s'more. We've made s'more brownies and s'more nachos, but nothing comes close to being as satisfying as a plain, old s'more, made perfectly.

Made this way, the marshmallow gets perfectly browned without burning, the graham crackers get warmed and slightly toasted and the chocolate ends up completely melted. What more could one ask for? So, here's the secret. Feel free to pass it along to everyone, because really, everyone deserves the chance to eat the "perfect" s'more.

The Perfect S'more

2 graham cracker squares
2 large marshmallows
1/4 of a Hershey bar

Preheat your broiler right before assembling your s'more ingredients.
Line a baking sheet with foil for easy clean up.
Place the graham crackers on the baking sheet.
Smash the marshmallows so they are fairly flat, the brown more evenly that way.
Place in oven, 6-8" away from broiler heating element. Keep an eye on these, they brown pretty quickly.
Remove from oven, flip marshmallows over and toast the other side. (Very important step.)
Once the second side is lightly browned, remove from oven. Immediately press the chocolate into one half of the s'more. Top with the second half. Wait about 30 seconds, giving the chocolate enough time to completely melt.

Eat with reckless abandon. These are so messy and wonderful that you'll feel like a kid again when you eat them. Marshmallow and chocolate will ooze out and run down your chin and fingers. These are the epitome of happiness and there is no way to keep from grinning like a fool while eating them. StumbleUpon

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